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The Greatest Hairstyles of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, the 18 year old talented pop singer and actress has a lot going for her. She is a beautiful girl with a lot of drive and a lot of success so far. Miley has beautiful hair as well! She has been through many hairstyles in the last few years. Whether it is the cut, the color, or the length of the extensions, she seems to always be sporting a great new look. I wanted to look at her latest stunning hairstyle and take a look back at a few past haircuts and styles that are my favorites.

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Miley Cyrus's latest tresses are auburn with highlights. The style is very wavy and really works for her. The hair does not appear frizzy at all. Her hair is very long and she seems to be using a dark color of extensions as well. To me, the extensions that are darker in color add a somewhat of an edge to her new look.

In the second picture, her hair is much lighter. It is more of a light brown with blonde highlights. The star is showing off more of a sleek look with shiny, strait hair. Her hair is still long, but not quite as long as the two pictures described above. This is a great look for the summer season.

I really like her updo picture for an event or a night out. It seems to be somewhat loosely pulled back with a few tresses hanging down out of the ponytail. Curly hair dresses a loose ponytail like this up a lot. She looks great with this style.

The last picture is another elegant look for Cyrus. She is wearing a small amount of her hair up and the rest down. Her hair is elegantly curled as well. Miley's updo dresses her up even more with part of her hair resting on her front side. Her hair color also adds to the classy style.



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