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Which Hair Extensions Are Right For Me?

Eva Longoria with Hair ExtensionsWith the very long hairstyles still being in this year, hair extensions have not lost any appeal. Who wears hair extensions? Beyonce, Ashanti, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra and Rachel Welch are just a small few of the many that wear hair extensions these days. Are you considering using hair extensions to make your hair appear fuller or longer? If so, keep reading and we will highlight the main types of hair extensions, how to choose the right hair extensions for you, and how often you should clean and replace them.

Hair extensions can be broken up into two basic types. There are natural or "virgin" hair extensions which are made of real hair that has not been chemically treated. These are really great if you don't mind spending extra money to make sure your extensions look as natural as possible. The second type of hair extensions I will mention are synthetic hair extensions. These can be very convenient as a lot of the extensions come with clips that you can just clip in your hair and go. Synthetic extensions are also much cheaper than natural hair extensions. If you want a wild and crazy look for every once in a while synthetic clip-ins of an unnatural hair color may be the way to go.

Beyonce with Hair ExtensionsHow do you choose the right hair extensions? First of all, there are several colors and styles when it comes to hair extensions. Decide what style you want to go with. There's wavy, curly, and strait hair extensions. Secondly, consider what you want to spend on hair extensions. As stated above, natural hair is more expensive than synthetic. Next, you want to try to match your hair color as closely as possible (unless the intent is to put in a synthetic clip with a different color). Also, you will want to make sure that the store or person you are considering buying hair extensions from knows a lot about them. In addition, you might want to check reviews of the brands that they sell.

How often do you clean or replace extensions? The answer to this question varies from brand to brand, person to person, and situation to situation. It also depends on the type of extension it is. What am I trying to say? If you sweat quite a bit with the extensions in, you are going to want to wash and condition them with a quality shampoo and conditioner as well as brush them. People who have naturally oily hair will need to wash more than others. This would be a great question for a stylist who knows a lot about extensions.

This is just an overview of extensions. Contact a stylist in your area today that is very knowledgeable on this topic. Have fun looking fabulous!


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