Hair Styles of Kesha - Messy, Curly, Updo and Pony Tail

Kesha with long, messy hair

Mainly known as Kesha, Kesha Rose Serbert was born in 1987 in Los Angeles, CA. Her mother Pebe Serbert was a single mother as well as a songwriter while she raised Kesha and her older brother Logan. Times got so tough that they had to rely on welfare and food stamps to get by. She is also an example of a book you shouldn't judge by its cover. This blonde star was "very studious" in school.


How did this beautiful star get noticed? Her mother passed along Kesha's demo to Samantha Cox (senior director of writer/publisher relations at Broadcast Music Incorporated. When they received her tape from Samantha, Dr. Luke and Max Martin were very impressed and convinced Kesha to pursue career in music in Los Angeles. Talk about a quick change.

What song made this beautiful young woman a sensation? Her 2009 debut single "Tick Tock" reached number one in several different countries. Who does Kesha look up to? Well, unlike many artists who say one or two artists, Kesha says she was influenced by several including Madonna, Debbie Harry, Queen, Johnny Cash, Aaron Neville, Bob Dylan and the Beastie Boys. This explains why her songs are so original and catchy. Although there has been controversy over her songs, Kesha's music is still being downloaded like crazy all over the world.

This pop singer has great hair! I really like her long messy hairstyle as many other people do. This is such a trend right now. It really frames the face nicely and makes her look gorgeous for a night out or just a casual day. I also love the look of her high ponytail. This cute styled ponytail is accentuated by the knot at the base. Look at her beautiful updo for a night out! It is just messy enough to be Kesha-worthy, but it looks elegant at the same time. Last of all, this dirty blond star looks great also when her hair is curly but still more of a messy curl. The curls are not very defined. This works for the beautiful Kesha and also keeps her edgy look alive.

Kesha with curly hair Kesha with pony tail Kesha with her hair in an updo

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