Nicki Minaj: Her Life, Career, Style, and Hair

Nicki Minaj Orange HairOnika Tanya Maraj (a.k.a. Nicki Minaj) was born in St. James, Trinidad and Tobago in 1984. Little did her parents of Trinidad and Indian decent know that she would grow to be such a star. Minaj is an interesting rapper because she doesn't really take on a certain identity. She has emphasised this over and over in interviews throughout her career as a singer.

How did this beautiful star make it to the United States? Until Nicky was around 5 years old she stayed with her grandmother while her parents tried to find a place to live in NYC. They settled down in the Queens area and came back to get their daughter. They wanted to give her a good life in the U.S.A. This didn't seem to happen, though, because the gorgeous performer has explained in more than one interview that she didn't really have the best childhood growing up. Her father was an alcoholic and her parents fought a lot. She escaped this terrible reality by making up different characters for herself. She liked to pretend she had a different identity and lived somewhat in a fantasy world while she was growing up. This helped her to cope with the unrest in her home.

What about Nicki Minaj's career? Well, she released her first mixtape in 2007 which was titled Playtime is Over. Thanks to being discovered by Lil Wayne, the performer signed a deal to Young Money Entertainment with distribution Universal Motown in August 2009. When did she finally start reaching the top of the charts where we now recognize her? Nicki's album Pink Friday toped the U.S. Billboard 200 and launched her music career to a whole new level. Her most popular songs include Super Bass, Your Love, Check it Out, and Moment 4 Life. The music videos for these songs all show her individual undefined style. You can really see her love for wearing costumes and acting as a character in a fantasy world in her song Moment 4 Life. The costumes and sets in this music video are just so elegant. It has to be a favorite video for many women who like fairytales.

Nicki Minaj Pink Hair       Nicki Minaj Beehive Hair

As explained above, this gorgeous star does not really have an identified style. She is very involved in projecting her image as far as the makeup and clothing she wears to events and in videos. I have seen that she does tend to like the boustiee type tops or the dresses that have this shape on the top. She also wears a lot of strapless dresses and enjoys showing off her fabulous legs. In addition, she loves the color pink. The young woman also loves high heels. Overall she has a pretty loud style, which fits her personality. The popular star has inspired many different collections as so many people are trying to copy her fabulous outfits.

Nicki Minaj Wavy Hair  Nicki Minaj Strait Hair  Nicki Minaj 2011 MTV Video Awards

Nicki Minaj is not afraid to use loud colors as far as her hair is concerned. Whether she has the color pink, green, or blue in her hair, she still somehow manages to pull it off and look fabulous. Take a look at the first picture where the beautiful star uses the color orange in her hair. Also, the second picture shows the star using her favorite color: pink. There are several pictures of her with some type of beehive hairstyle. The temptress's hair was curly and blonde with a black chunk in it. She also looks great with her wavy hairstyle in the third picture. This is a great hairstyle for summer 2011. There is also her somewhat classical look with bangs and strait black hair as shown in the third picture. Last of all is the bob she wore at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. She has been known to change hairstyles all of the time whether it involves using hair extensions, wigs, color, or other hair products or accessories.

Most people must think having no defined identity as far as her style goes is a good thing because people are copying her left and right. More importantly, she has fun being herself and getting into character, and that's nothing short of wonderful!

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