Updos for Proms, Weddings or other Events in 2011

Updo Hair StyleI remember when I was looking at how I was going to wear my hair for prom and for my wedding. I looked at several magazines and books that were somewhat outdated.  I was limited to the resources inside my home or the salon.  Worse yet, I procrastinated so I had to decide on the spot for my prom. Usually your stylist will come up with something beautiful that you like if you just give a little description, but it is best to have a very close example for them to see so that you are both on the same page. Bridal Hair StyleWhether it is a wedding, a prom, or just a black tie event, you want to make sure that your stylist knows what you want them to create with your hair and/or hair extensions. How do you find it quickly and easily in 2011? There are a few websites that I will recommend. When you find the updo you like, email your stylist the link(s) that best show the updo.  This will tell your stylist exacltly what you want, no questions left unanswered.

Recommended Sites:

These two sites can get you started. Remember to email your stylist the link and tell them which style if there is more than one on the web page. Have a beautiful event to remember!


Hairstyle seen on "The Bachelor" TV Show

Michelle Money's HairHas anyone noticed the braided hair on The Bachelor lately?  I think it really captures the island spirit. It keeps the girls' hair out of their faces while they are on the breezy beach with bachelor Brad Womack. It also has a sexy natural look to it. Like Michelle Money's hair but not her unfriendly competition?

Emily Maynard's Hair

How about Emily Maynard's layered blonde hairstyle? Find a stylist today who can help you achieve the one-side braid and other hairstyles of the women on the 2011 Bachelor TV show on ABC.


Check Out Emily Maynard's hair on the Season Finale »


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