How to Edit Your Stylist Profile

Set Profile Image

You must first log in to your account with the user name and password you chose when registering with

Click View My Profile on the right side of the page. Click the link above your main image that says [update profile image] on the left. Here you can use one of the default images or choose you own. To use your own image, click the Choose File button, locate the picture on your computer, select it and click Open. When the dialog box closes click Upload. We will automatically resize your image to the appropriate dimensions if it is too large.

You can change your profile image any time you want, simply click on View My Profile in the menu on the right and choose a new image. There is no need to delete the current image, the new one will be stored in its place.

Edit My Profile

After logging in to your account, click on the Edit My Profile link to the right of the page. Here you can change your Account Information, Contact Information, Services and Rating settings.

  • The first tab is your Profile Image, it's simply another way to modify your main image.
  • Under the Contact tab, you can update your contact information such as name, password, email address, physical address, phone, fax and more.¬†Make sure you keep this info current so clients can get a hold of you.
  • The Services tab is where you can check all services that apply.
  • The Rating tab is where you set the customer rating settings. Enable Profile Entries means that you allow customers to leave feedback on your services and profile. Auto Publish lets comments automatically appear on your profile without you having to publish them. When you select Yes for Notify Me, an email will be sent to you informing you that someone posted a rating to your profile, you should then login and review it.
  • Salon Location - If you have a Google Latitude account, you can enter your User ID here. If not, leave it blank. You can set your current location by clicking on the map at the bottom of the page while viewing your profile (while being logged in to the site).
  • After making your changes to your profile click Update and all changes will be saved simultaneously.

Add Photos

To add pictures to your profile click on the View My Profile link to the right of the page (you must first be logged in to see this menu). At the bottom of the page you will see the tabs which contain your information, click the Photos tab. To add a new picture click the link labeled Submit New Gallery Entry. Enter a Title and description for your image then click Choose File to locate the photo on your computer and double click the image. Click Submit Gallery Entry. This will upload the photo from your computer to our server and the image will be stored in your profile. To add another simply repeat the process.

Your image must meet the specified requirements or the upload will fail.

Recommend to a Friend

You can invite all of your friends to join easily by clicking the Recommend to a Friend link at the top-right of the page. Enter Your Name and Your Email address in the first two spaces, then enter their email address and a message in the following spaces provided. If you wish to send an invitation to more than one user at a time, simply click the [+] icon and a new field will be added. Enter the Verification code (this helps us reduce spam) and click Send, we'll shoot them an email with a link to your profile.

Hint: This is also useful to send your profile to a client so he/she can add a rating on your page ;) Just make sure that you are viewing your profile when you send it and they will be linked directly to you.


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